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Organization should decrease your stress, increase your productivity;
giving you more control over your time, space, and activities;
leading to a happier you.

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We offer 4 lines of garage and sport organizers providing you a variety of mounting and  installation options. One line is by Schulte®, and the other three lines are by Racor:  RacorIC  RacorPro   Racor®. Scroll down to view each line or click the name to jump to it.

Schulte Activity Organizers
Combine upscale design with precision engineering to give a new dimension to storage. Each organizer is made from heavy gauge steel that is epoxy coated in a distinctive natural granite color. Where necessary, thick rugged protective coating has been added to protect it from scratching and marring. Each organizers holds up to 75 lbs and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
Coordinating wire shelving is available. Three unique mounting options allow you to choose the best installation for your needs: 

1. Schulte's heavy duty grid is the strongest and easiest option (as picture). The 2' x 4' grid mounts easily vertically or horizontally along the wall at any height. Once the grid is secure, the individual organizers simply lock in place with out additional hardware. Reconfiguration of the organizers is possible at any time.
2. Each organizer can mount directly to the wall on a stud for a more permanent installation. Mounting hardware is included.
3. Each organizer can lock in place on slot wall for easy reconfiguration.
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This innovative storage system was created to meet homeowners' needs for easy installation, storage flexibility and seasonal access. RacorIC™ gives you unlimited modular possibilities for keeping your tools, recreation gear and anything else right where you need it, when you need it. And as you add more stuff, it's a simple matter to reorganize and add racks.

It's all based on unique WallDocks™ that are easy to install. All racks fit on the WallDocks™, so you can move or add racks any time. Change location of your racks seasonally by rotating them with other racks on the WallDocks. Mount each WallDocks™ directly to the wall on a stud. Mounting hardware is included. Each organizers holds up to 50 lbs.

Feel confident, these racks come with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.
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Here is where you'll find value priced, high quality storage racks that can be useful in the garage and throughout your home. The RacorPro™ line has a wide range of products , so you’re sure to find a solution to virtually any organization or storage challenge.

RacorPro products are made with heavy gauge materials and finished with a powder coated surface. They’re created, engineered and manufactured to Racor’s high standards of functionality and durability. Mount each rack directly to the wall on a stud. Mounting hardware is included. Each organizers holds up to 50 lbs.

Feel confident in these organizers with their limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.  
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Are you the kind of person who won’t settle for anything but high style and superior workmanship? Then our Racor®-branded products are for you.

Get the finest functionality for storage and access -- with durability, ease of use and installation, superior engineering and unsurpassed quality. You’ll be proud of how your valuable gear is stored and displayed.

Built with extra-heavy gauge materials and finished with a tough powder coating, products in the Racor line have been designed for lifetime use.

Select from an amazing variety of organization and storage racks. You’ll visualize uses for Racor racks in your garage, laundry room, workout area, workshop, home office… just about everywhere! Mount each rack directly to the wall on a stud. Mounting hardware is included. Each organizers holds up to 50 lbs.

Feel confident in these products with their limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.  
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