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Measure the furniture or appliance leg to determine size.  If bottom of a wooden leg is not flat, it is recommended that you use the Magic Sliders that come with screws, nails, or grip tips.  For furniture that is moved on a routine basis, such as kitchen chairs, use strong glue such as Krazy GlueŽ Gel or epoxy or choose the Magic Sliders with nails or screws or grip tips.  Do not use on newly finished wood floors until totally dry (usually 3 - 4 months).  Make sure the surfaces you move them on are clean, so the finish won't be damaged.

Below is a list of Magic Slider sizes and the Magic Sliders Mini Jack.  Click the desired size to view pricing and ordering information.

Need a bulk quantity of 100 or more Magic Sliders? More info...

New Magic Slider Sizes - see below, call to order, 866 NEAT 911.

Magic Sliders Blister Packs

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Size in Inches   Size in mm   Shape  

Method of Attachment

3/4" 20mm Round Screws, Included
7/8" 22mm Round Nails, Included
15/16" 24mm Square Adhesive, Included
15/16" x 4" 24 x100mm Rectangle Adhesive, Included
7/8"-1" 22 - 25mm Round Grip Tip Edges
1" 25mm Round Adhesive, Included
1 1/8"-1 1/4" 27 - 32mm Round Grip Tip Edges
1 3/16" 30mm Round Nails, Included
 Call 1 1/2" 38mm Round Adhesive, Included
1 3/8" 35mm Round Leveler, Attached
2" 50mm Round Adhesive, Included
2" x 2" x 2 1/2" 50 x 50 x 64mm Triangle Adhesive, Included
2 3/8" 60mm Round Adhesive, Included
2 3/8"; 1 3/4" Inside 60mm Round Concave None needed
4" 100mm Round N/A, Reusable
Mini Jack N/A N/A N/A

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